Day Two – True Italian Taste Educational Tour to Puglia and Campania – Monte Sant’Angelo

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We invited the best experts in Canada West in the food & beverage world to a 5 day educational tour of Puglia and Campania for a unique opportunity to discover What it Would Say if Food Could Talk.  Joined by international experts from around the world, they discovered the excellence of the Italian food and wine scene through unique and authentic experiences. Follow their journey through a series of videos and join them in their extraordinary trip and discover more about the true taste of Italy,

First Educational Tour

True italian taste educational tour puglia campania

The first educational tour of True Italian Taste took place in May 2017 and brought 9 foodies coming from US, Canada and Mexico together to visit Puglia and Campania in a 5 day trip and to learn more about their enogastronomic products.  Download the guide below to discover what places to visit and things to do in a 5 day trip to Puglia and Campania.

Day Two

The influencers visited the Consortium La Bella Daunia PDO where they enjoyed a guided tour of Olive grove and factory, guided tasting of Bella della Daunia PDO and extra virgin olive oil Dauno PDO and enjoyed a tasty lunch in the garden of the farm based on local products and traditional recipes. 

After the lunch, the influencers were transferred to Monte Sant’Angelo to visit Sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel (UNESCO World Heritage)  and the historic district “Rione Junno”.

Influencers then visited Basilica of St. Mary Major of Siponto in Manfredonia  and enjoyed a gourmet dinner at the Restaurant “Osteria Boccolicchio” (The MICHELIN Plate: good cooking).

Monte Sant’Angelo

Sanctuary of st michael the archangel monte sant’angelo

Monte Sant’Angelo, a small town in southern Italy overlooking the Gulf of Manfredonia from the Gargano promontory, is well known for the St. Michael Sanctuary, a UNESCO world heritage site and a precious repository of Lombard art in Italy. Junno is the town’s oldest quarter, with its typical ground floor houses and tiny alleys, in which every bakery offers “ostie ripiene”, traditional sweets filled with almonds and honey.

Outside the town, the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano, perched on a panoramic hilltop overlooking the sea, is managed to this day by monks and is famous for its iconography.

La Bella della Daunia PDO

La bella della daunia dop olive

La Bella della Daunia is a very special Italian olive that has been cultivated since ancient times near Foggia, especially in the Cerignola area. To be such an icon of taste, La Bella della Daunia olives need to grow at temperatures that never fall below 0 °C, in special soil rich in limestone, silica and clay. This distinctiveness is probably the reason why La Bella della Daunia has been so much in demand since the nineteenth century, why it is exported all over the world, and why it was given European “DOP” certification, meaning "Protected Denomination of Origin”, in the year 2000. Wanna hear more? Stay tuned to the Italian Educational Tour and get ready to find out more about this special Olive.

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva PDO Dauno

Olio extra vergine di oliva pdo dauno

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Dauno is one of the noblest of olive oils, from the Daunia area in Puglia, in the Italian south-east, a special land full of wonders, where you can lose yourself amongst the colours of the olive trees and the infinity of the sea. It represents the entire olive oil supply chain, as this is one of Italy’s most important extra virgin olive oil producing regions. Moreover, in 1997 the European Union granted me "DOP” certification. You can instantly recognize my quality by my intense, unique fruity aroma and my dense appearance, varying from a warm gold colour to limpid green. Discover its great sensory qualities and culinary uses in this episode.


Tresoldi artwork basilica santa maria maggiore siponto

Manfredonia is a town with medieval origins in the southern part of the Gargano region of Puglia, near the Adriatic coast. Basilica of St. Mary Major of Siponto, the extraordinary archaeological heritage of the town built on the ruins of the ancient Siponto, is kept inside the Swabian – Angevin Castle, dropping sheer into the sea, the seat of the National Archaeological Museum.

Nearby the Basilica there is the Salt Mine of Margherita di Savoia. It’s one of the most important Salt Mine of Italy and also a charming place with its pink water, white hills and the amazing flamingos.

True Italian Taste

The True Italian Taste project is promoted and financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, carried out by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad to strengthen and to protect the authentic Italian products. True Italian Taste is part of “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” program.

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