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Taste of Lombardia

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Set between the mountain range of the Alps and the flow of the Po river, the northern land of the lakes, the region of Lombardy, is one of Italy’s and Europe’s richest and most productive regions with a wealth of historical and artistic treasures, as well as astounding Alpine and lake landscapes of glacial origin, most famously Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, all of which make up for Lombardy’s lack of coastline.

The combination of lakeside living, mountain ranges and rolling hills means this region has some incredible landscapes. Parks and nature reserves cover over [...]

Taste of Veneto

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The first in Italy and among the first destinations in Europe, the region of Veneto is located in north-eastern Italy bordering Austria and is rich in art cities, Unesco world heritage sites, small historic hamlets, nature oasis and mountains, fortified citadels, and Nobel villas by the sea and the lake.

Veneto is a region of dramatic landscape differences with the stunning mountainous Dolomites to the north on the Austrian borders that rolls down to shape the green hill of the Po Valley that extends down to the picturesque Adriatic coastline and finishes with a final flourish in [...]

Taste of Trentino-Alto Adige

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Best known for the beauty of its peaks, territory of Trentino Alto Adige is situated in the very north of Italy bordering Austria and Switzerland to the north and the Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy to the south. Trentino Alto Adige has a remarkable cultural heritage that includes prehistoric evidence, sanctuaries, beautiful castles and towns with great historical and artistic significance.

This region is one of the few Italian regions not touched by the sea, with a mostly mountainous territory including the majestically beautiful Dolomites, and a great number stunning lakes. The Dolomites constitute the [...]

Taste of Campania

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Celebrated for its climate, the fertility of the land, and the astonishingly beautiful landscapes, the Region of Campania is one of the regions of Southern Italy that stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the mouth of the Garigliano River to the Gulf of Policastro. The richness of its art and history, the love for food, along with its picturesque coasts make Campania a fascinating territory.

The ancient towns of Amalfi, Cetara, Positano and Amalfi are famous today as astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. City of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, and the islands of Capri and Ischia are [...]

Taste of Emilia Romagna

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The territory of Emilia-Romagna is a region in central-northern Italy extending from the Apennine Mountains to the Po River in the north. It comprises of provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Rimini, Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena. An ideal link between northern and southern Italy, Emilia-Romagna takes its name from the old Roman consular road – the Via Emilia or Emilian Way – that crosses the entire territory and has linked Rome to the heart of Europe for over 2,000 years.

Emilia-Romagna is one of Italy’s leading regions in terms of per capita income and [...]

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The True Italian Taste project is promoted and financed by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and implemented by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West and Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, to raise awareness of and safeguard authentic Italian food products.

The project is part of a national campaign whose main goal is to promote awareness in the world about the authentic and certified agri-food Italian products, as in the continent supermarkets’ shelves extensively host many products evoking Italy, neither having any connection to Italy, nor involving an Italian manufacture.

To learn more about Italy’s project for the promotion of authentic Italian DOP and IGP products worldwide, visit the official website of the project

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